Introducing our Curates

 Introducing Nick Baker

 Nick joined the Benefice in July 2020 and was ordained deacon in Leicester   Cathedral on 27th September 2020 and priest at St Thomas' on 2nd October   2021.

 Nick was born and raised in Sussex. Having studied history at the University   of Kent, he became an assistant in a second-hand bookshop which launched   him into an (unexpected!) career in the world of books. After a spell in an   auction house, he spent nine years with the historic collections at Eton   College and was later appointed librarian of Hereford Cathedral. He came to   the Midlands in 2014 when he joined Princethorpe College, Rugby, as its   archivist. Nick first felt the call to ordained ministry in his late teens but only   started to explore it a few years ago. Prior to joining the Wigston Benefice,   Nick trained at the College of St Hild and was on placement at Burbage and   Aston Flamville.



  Introducing Paul Betts

 Paul joined the Benefice for the final year of contextual ordination training   before being ordained deacon in Leicester Cathedral on Sunday 3rd October   2021.

 Born and raised in Leicestershire, Paul initially studied interior architecture at   De Montfort University before moving to a career in graphic design, where he   enjoyed working with a true diversity of artists and clients, both nationally   and internationally. Initially sensing a call to ordination through leading Taizé   prayer in the Harborough Anglican Team, and following a time of further   discernment and subsequent recommendation, Paul trained contextually for   ordination whilst studying theology, ministry and mission at St Hild College in   Mirfield and Sheffield. With a background in the arts, Paul is excited to serve   curacy in the Wigston Benefice, to be part of a diverse sacramental and   worshipping community to our Creator God, to further discover how   charismatic and sacramental worship may work together, and to explore   more how the arts might inform, interact and inspire ministry, mission, and   discipling. Paul loves, amongst other things, cinema and mise en scène, the   performing and visual arts, is a member of the LTA, and plays and follows   tennis.